Come Celebrate our Anniversary!

Weekend in Normandy: 6th-8th May 2016


Some of the questions & answers so far:

Q. How much will our room at the Chaeteau cost?
A. FFS… seriously? We have asked you to travel to the middle of no where… the least we can do , viagra is cover the cost of your room for the 2 nights!

Q. What is the dress code?
A. “GENERALLY FESTIVE” Please be comfortable & feel good!

Q. What is the wedding “theme”?
A. Rustic/20s-40s Vintage/Long-Distance: Welsh-American/80’s kids-who wannabe-hipsters/LOVE!

Q. Where are you registered?
A. We are not registering for gifts. This is a PRESENCE NOT PRESENTS event. If you insist, rx please go to the Registry page and make a Kiva loan – Thanks!

Q. TJ, Will you please go out and register on the website?
A. “I’ve never rsvped to anything in my life, I got the hiccups and I’m too busy being a bat outta hell to do anything other than kick it 90’s style. Do you dig?”