Come Celebrate our Anniversary!

Weekend in Normandy: 6th-8th May 2016


We have the goods… the pics are here!

THE PICTURES ARE HERE! THE PICTURES ARE HERE! We hope everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! And perhaps you were lucky enough to meet and speak with our most amazing photographers: Paul & Kelly of Paul Joseph Photography! As we mentioned… you will not be disappointed with the […]


And so we did it!

We just got back to Atlanta and my god we are exhausted! What a weekend – I swear we are aching all over from running up an down stairs, find dancing and just loving every moment of being around the most wonderful people. Ironically Heidi and I said on the plane that we hardly saw […]


Less than 2 weeks …

So we are back in Atlanta and have S***loads to do. We got back on Friday night after a hectic time in the UK, tadalafil but so good to catch up with family and get some work done. Session C time for me which is the busiest time of the year so timing the wedding […]


3 Weeks and counting …

Here we are holed up in our Oxfordshire hideaway in the wind and rain, viagra 40mg having had a brilliant weekend with Liam, what is ed Chloe, Charlie, Rob & Bobby … Lots of food (Steak & Ale pies especially!) and as usual, quite some booze! We also gunned up to Leeds to see Chloe […]

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