Come Celebrate our Anniversary!

Weekend in Normandy: 6th-8th May 2016


And so we did it!

We just got back to Atlanta and my god we are exhausted! What a weekend – I swear we are aching all over from running up an down stairs, find dancing and just loving every moment of being around the most wonderful people. Ironically Heidi and I said on the plane that we hardly saw […]


Less than 2 weeks …

So we are back in Atlanta and have S***loads to do. We got back on Friday night after a hectic time in the UK, tadalafil but so good to catch up with family and get some work done. Session C time for me which is the busiest time of the year so timing the wedding […]


3 Weeks and counting …

Here we are holed up in our Oxfordshire hideaway in the wind and rain, viagra 40mg having had a brilliant weekend with Liam, what is ed Chloe, Charlie, Rob & Bobby … Lots of food (Steak & Ale pies especially!) and as usual, quite some booze! We also gunned up to Leeds to see Chloe […]


5 Weeks and counting …

Lots going on as always … H is keeping a cool head yet having periodic panic attacks but all is good. We travel to the UK this casino online coming weekend as some of the music requests are beginning to scare me a little … and I am not one who has a great reputation […]

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