Come Celebrate our Anniversary!

Weekend in Normandy: 6th-8th May 2016


And so we did it!

We just got back to Atlanta and my god we are exhausted! What a weekend – I swear we are aching all over from running up an down stairs, find dancing and just loving every moment of being around the most wonderful people. Ironically Heidi and I said on the plane that we hardly saw one another all weekend LOL … It”s been cool to see so many people connecting on Facebook in the last day or so and my new bride and I feel privileged to have such special friends & family. Thank you so much for making the effort to be with us – Deb was a rock star, order Chloe was gorgeous, online casino Paul & Kel were mind blowing and the boys were boys as always! We are already thinking of an anniversary meetup next year for anybody who is interested – Heidi just emailed a link to a snapfish group site where we can all upload photos from the weekend – you need to create an account, but it takes just a moment. Please share any great pics that you have from the wedding. We miss you all!! Here is the link to the snapfish site: kiss Lots of love! Mr & Mrs D x

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