Come Celebrate our Anniversary!

Weekend in Normandy: 6th-8th May 2016


3 Weeks and counting …

Here we are holed up in our Oxfordshire hideaway in the wind and rain, viagra 40mg having had a brilliant weekend with Liam, what is ed Chloe, Charlie, Rob & Bobby … Lots of food (Steak & Ale pies especially!) and as usual, quite some booze! Pub We also gunned up to Leeds to see Chloe & her housemates and had a great time! Girls Leeds Liam and I got new suits yesterday and concluded that we look like the Kray twins LOL. Krays We met with Kel (half of our photography duo) and grabbed lunch – she and Paul are amazing people and are planning to take some unique photos on the big day. We”ve got to know them quite well, which casino online will help them capture fun moments on the day. Jason our DJ is also plugged in and will be great on the Saturday night! Big week coming up as I visit a few of our UK manufacturing plants and we meet with the registrar to confirm our intent to get married formally (still time to change my mind hee hee) … Heidi is keeping cool, though I keep catching her staring at the wall as things hit her “to do” list like a train – Getting a visa is the latest challenge :-). In between work, wedding & family we”ve enjoyed getting out and here”s wifey to be loving our wander through the countryside … adorable!H Fox We”ll see my parents again later in the week before we fly back to Atlanta on Friday … such a busy time for us, but we”re buzzing with excitement about the weekend … It”s been one hell of a journey for us both, with many twists and turns along the way … we”ll always appreciate the support and love from kids, parents & friends who have helped us to get here Gorgeus

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